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3rd day with blender – Food !

Hi everyone,title is a lie, I’ve spent lot of time on blender last week (ok most of the time was on youtube watching the conf ) but I haven’t done anything until yesterday.

Done in two hours, rendertime excepted (26 minutes on GPU), rendered on a SSS on gpu enabled bluid.

If you’re interested to see the setup blend file is HERE  if you use it give me credit :)

This is not a command, just an exercise.
tool I have “learned” to use :
-Subdivision modifier, all object except for the cheese
-sculpt mode with dynamic topology, for cheese
-true Displacement with Cycles for meat, with a noise node
-bump Displacement for buns, continue reading to know I haven’t used the normal slot in diffuse,sss,glossy shader
-particles for seeds
-SSS for everything
-blackbody temperature for lights material

Vigneting, tiltshift, chromatic aberation, are done in post
It’s not finished, the goal is to match an actual photograph, still a lot of work to do

I’m now much more confident with blender and I’happy of what I can do in just 2 hours, I don’t feel noob anymore an surprisingly, everything went straight forward.

In my journey with blender I ‘ve found  lot of interesting things, you probably already know:

A trick: If you connect your bump map to normal slots of diffuse, glossy etc, the fresnel often used in the factor for shader mixing will ignore the bump, the workaround is to connect it to the displace slot of the output material and Tada  it works!

A blog :   lot of tips, sneak peak, addon mostly about cycles, special mention to this post (progressive animation and image stacking)

A site :
Free Distributed Render Farm for Blender
You just have to register (login-password no more) and press a button to participate or upload a blend with packed texture to render an animation, once it’s finished you download.
-support single image through tiling
-support GPU
at the time of writing there is 57 machine rendering. To prevent abuse priority is given to people who give more cpu time but you will be prioritized for you own jobs on your own PC’s

That’s all for today, happy blending



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